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Das Inferno

136 pages, full color, 20 x 24 cm, paperback
ISBN 978-3-940304-35-3
Out of Print!


In his “Divine Comedy”, Dante portrays a horrific journey into the afterworld. As Virgil guided Dante and Dante guided his readers, so Michael Meier leads his readers on an underworld safari in his latest comic book. “Das Inferno” ripples throughout with dark humor.

Michael Meier remains faithful to the spirit of Dante while conjuring his own vision of the Inferno. “Das Inferno” links classical notions of hell with contemporary imagery to reflect our notions of the hereafter. Meier‘s undershirtclad Dante shows us that the Divine Comedy is still up-to-date even 700 years after its creation. Meier infuses the “punishment fantasies” Dante imagined in the afterlife with 21st Century anxieties, musing on the comparison between the divinely created hell and the hell mankind has created for itself. Stinging with social criticism, “The Inferno” comes across as a contemporary rendering full of surprise and wit. For those familiar with the Dante’s original as well as those descending for the first time, Das Inferno is fun as hell!

“Das Inferno” was first published as a daily cartoon in the “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

Skills:  Book, Comic
Client:  Rotopol & Castermann